October 29, 2008

The Horror of Bayfield Lake, Part 1

Beware the pubs ‘round Bayfield Lake
For something sits and waits,
It watches girls through glassy eyes,
While they are on their dates.

When time at last it is to leave
These girls walk to their cars,
They do not see the lanky beast,
Whose thoughts are not like ours.

It chooses them, the lonely ones
And waits ‘til they’re alone,
Car headlights burst, she’s startled first,
A silhouette is shown.

She tries to scream, tries to escape
But’s paralyzed by fright,
This wretched fiend, half-man half-fish,
He’s come to take her life.

With squishing sounds that make her sick
His arm outstretches fast,
Perhaps she knows, or maybe not,
This sight will be her last.

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