October 31, 2008

The Horror of Bayfield Lake, Part 3

And so it goes, the beast lives on
Patrolling parking lots,
Unblinking eyes, a stiff cold soul,
Enacting freakish plots.

Advice to you, young lonely girls
If paranoid you are,
Move fast, be quick, and look around,
While heading t’ward your car.

He may not strike right then and there
Sometimes he follows home,
And then the fear is even worse,
Your rooftop he might roam.

If you hear snaps, footsteps, or breaks
It’s possible he’s near,
When all is still and you’re alone,
This fish-man might appear.

So heed my words, don’t scoff or laugh
To do so’s a mistake,
For many girls go missing from
The town of Bayfield Lake.

Happy Halloween!