November 8, 2008

Lost Ate My Life - In Stores!

Lost Ate My Life is now available -- Click here to grab it from Amazon! Written by the awesome Amy "hijinx" Johnston and Jon "DocArzt" Lachonis, the book discusses anything and everything related to the fandom: behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the series, Lost slang, shipper wars, parties, forums, easter eggs, etc. Plus it has lots of photos of the actors and creators. If you know someone who's big into Lost, this is the perfect present for 'em (Christmas is coming up, ya know) -- or if you're a Lost fan yourself, then this is pretty much a must-buy. It's highly entertaining and interesting, and it looks great. I love the oversize paperback format. And hey, the cover was created by some doofus named Grant Gould.

And check out the site:

Speaking of Lost, have you seen the season 5 promo yet?