November 20, 2008

November 26th is WoO Day

The books are here, everything seems to be on schedule. "Wolves of Odin" should be hitting comic store shelves this coming Wednesday, November 26th! From what I've heard, Amazon's sending out their pre-orders now, too. So... the wait is officially over. :)

One other thing I wanna mention -- If any of you are in the Minnesota area, I'm planning on being at The Source Comics and Games on Wed., Nov. 26th, starting around 11am. I'll be signing copies and doing free quick viking & werewolf sketches for anyone who buys the book. So please swing by and say hey!


P.S. I know I'm still behind on a trillion commissions... You guys have no idea how bad I feel about that. I'm trying my best to catch up. It's night and day craziness for me 'round here in the ol' Gould Studio. LOTS going on... If you're sick of waiting for me and want a refund on your commission, I completely understand - just give me a shout.

More updates soon.