December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

I wanted to draw something fun for myself as a "last picture of 2008," so this is what I whipped up... I recently finished reading book 6 of 'Bone' (LOVED it!) and thought it'd be fun to draw Thorn in her "I'm gonna go kill me some baddies" outfit. :) I'm really digging the Scholastic books. I still have 7 and 8 on my "to read" pile, and book 9 should be out very soon, and that's the last book.. I'm excited to see how it all ends. Suuch a great series. I'm gonna have to grab that huge B&W single volume sometime, too - just to have it.

Okay, this is my last post of 2008. Everyone have a wonderful, amazing and safe New Year's!

Thank you for supporting me and for buying my artwork. Thank you to everyone who's been so patient with my crazy schedule.. Thank you to everyone who checked out "Wolves of Odin." Honestly -- It's been such a big and important year for me. I'm a happy guy and a lucky guy. I go into 2009 with much optimism and excitement.