December 22, 2008

I'm dreaming of a calm and deadline-free Christmas...

It's time for a merry manic update! First of all, as some of you have already discovered, I'm now on Facebook. I don't plan on updating there too much - it's mostly just to connect with some friends and be part of the cool kids club. Here's a link to my profile, or type my name into the search bar, whatever. If you send me a friend request, add a quick comment saying you watch my blog or something like that. Check out my sexy Photoshopped Facebook mugshot --->

Okay, point #2: SKETCHBOOKS
They're gonna be available to order very very soon. Hopefully this week. Check back in a day or two!

I still have a bunch of personal commissions that I'm way late on (blarrggghh!!!).. Those of you that have been waiting on a commission for MORE than 3 months: I'm planning on sending you a free copy of my new sketchbook along with your commission when it's done. Hopefully that'll make you hate me a little less.

Point #4: WOLVES OF ODIN has been updated with some new reviews. The response to the book has been mostly positive - people seem to dig it. I guess the main complaint/criticism I've been hearing is that some of the artwork looks rushed or not up to par with other stuff of mine, and I can't really argue with that... Some of the pages were rushed as I approached deadline, and that's just the way it goes when you're on a schedule. It's like a train that starts slow and steadily gains steam - at first you take your time, no biggee - and next thing you know, you find yourself having to choose, "Do I miss my solicitation date and become yet another indie comic creator that can't finish a book when he says he will, or do I crank out this panel in less time than I'd like?" Plus I drew "Wolves" on 8.5x11 sheets, which doesn't allow for as much detail as, say, 11x17 sheets, which is what I use for Clone Wars... But ya know, hindsight's 20/20 and that's all fine and dandy. I'm 100% proud of the story and concept, and I'm proud of myself for tackling each and every step - writing, drawing, coloring, etc. I feel like the process taught me more about my strengths and weaknesses than anything else I've done thus far, and that'll only make me a better and more efficient creator in the future.

I'm sure there are other things I wanted to mention, but my mind's drawing a blank and I have about 4 more hours of work to do before I can get some sleep tonight (..err.. this morning..), so I'd better get off this here internet. Be back soon!