December 13, 2008

Jedi Scum! *cough hack wheeze*

Remember how I mentioned there would be something in the new "Clone Wars" episode that might remind you of my drawing? I grabbed a couple screenshots of what I was talking about -- You can check 'em out here. It's from early in the episode, when Fisto & Crew are wandering around the Lair of Grievous.

Lucasfilm sent me really nice reference images to work from... It's a sweet lookin' statue, man. I hope they release it as an actual collectible sometime. ...Sideshow, I'm lookin' at you...

How are all of you liking the new series so far, and the webcomic for that matter? We're at the halfway point of season 1 now. There's a short Christmas break, and then the webcomic will be back the last week of December (drawn by me!) and the next actual episode will be Jan. 2nd.