January 27, 2009

Fett art on eBay, BSG and Farscape prints

The original Boba Fett drawing for my "Quantum of Sarlacc" cover is now on eBay. Starting at only 99 cents, 5 day auction -- please go bid and make this sweet puppy YOURS. Here's the link.

I'm also selling this --

Racetrack from Battlestar Galactica -- in big 11"x17" glory. It's not often I sell original art at this size, so BSG fans, go place a bid. Starts at 99 cents, 5 day auction, don't miss out. Here's the link.

And last but not least, I just got in two new prints -- BSG: Racetrack and Farscape (featuring the lovely Chiana and Zhaan, and seen on last year's "Wrath of Con" sci fi convention program cover).

Both prints are on high-quality glossy cardstock, full vibrant color, size: 8.5"x11". They're $10 each and I ask that U.S. residents add $5 to their order for shipping, and international buyers add $10 for shipping. If you're interested, send payment to grantgoboom@gmail.com via Paypal, and I can get them shipped out asap. If you have any questions, give me a shout.

Thanks, everyone!

I'm still a bit behind on emails, and I'm still catching up on commissions (aarggh..)... Busy times. Thank you all for being patient and awesome.