January 2, 2009

Galaxy Sketches - Batch 1

Here are some of my sketch cards for Star Wars Galaxy: Series 4. The really fun thing about this set is that we're allowed to draw pretty much any SW characters, from any era, etc. I don't have a ton of Expanded Universe knowledge, but I'll definitely be throwing in a few well-knowns from various comic series, books, and games.

This is a 4-parter (ie. 4 cards that fit together to make one image -- collectors seem to enjoy hunting 'em down) based on the Clone Wars episode "Cloak of Darkness," where Luminara and Ahsoka battle Asajj:

Fett 2-parter:

Super-cartoony 4-parter with characters from the Force Unleashed:

Check it out - the debut of my fancy pants '09 signature... ooOOOoohh... The toony Force Unleashed 4-parter is actually the very first thing I drew in '09.

I'll post more scans soon. This weekend's gonna be a SW Galaxy sketch card marathon. Deadline's in a few days. O.O