January 4, 2009

One fandom to rule them all...

As most of you know, I LOVES me some Lord of the Rings. There's a fan film being made called The Hunt For Gollum (thehuntforgollum.com). It's a new story inspired by the books, taking place before Fellowship, starring familiar characters and staying very much in sync with the Peter Jackson movies. It'll be 30 minutes long and available to watch for free online sometime in the coming months.

Seeing things like this, where fans really go above and beyond to show their love in such a creative way, I get some serious warm fuzzies. I have no clue how good the film's gonna turn out, but based on the trailers, I'm pretty impressed so far. Kudos to them. I can't wait to see it. :)

Two variant trailers over here and here.

They've also got a blog going, so check that out too: