February 27, 2009

Own a piece of Clone Wars webcomic history!

I'm selling the following six original comic pages:

Clone Wars: "Bait" page 1
(Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka set their plan in motion.)

Status: SOLD

Clone Wars: "Bait" page 2
(The heroes carry out their plan; The droids take the bait.)


Clone Wars: "Bait" page 3
(Anakin leaps into action and takes on the battle droids.)


Clone Wars: "Bait" page 4
(Anakin fights the droids and loses his lightsaber.)


Clone Wars: "Bait" page 5
(Anakin captured; Obi-Wan comes to the rescue.)


Clone Wars: "Dreams of Grievous" splash page
(Pre-cyborg Grievous standing victorious on the battlefield.)


Each page is $300 and you receive both the original hand-drawn 11"x17" pencil & ink page (created on Comic Book Art Board) and an 11"x17" full-color print of the completed version of the page you purchased (printed on high-quality cardstock). They look great displayed side by side. Please note that the B&W inked versions shown above are not exact representations -- the actual original pages will be slightly different, such as you'll be able to see the blue pencil lines in addition to the inks, as well as light-blue comic page borders, etc.

These are Lucasfilm-licensed originals, as seen in the official Clone Wars webcomic. I'm not sure when I'll be able to sell more Clone Wars pages -- Lucasfilm's been buying most of my original pieces. So don't miss this opportunity!

If interested, shoot me an email at grantgoboom@gmail.com, write "CLONE WARS PAGE" in the subject line, and let me know which page(s) you're interested in. Thanks!