February 4, 2009

Star Wars Galaxy - Grievous vs. Ahsoka

A few months ago I posted the pencil sketch for this card, and now I can finally show the digitally-colored version. So here it is. I hope ya like.

The card set hits stores in two weeks (I'm told Feb. 18th is the release date). If you're new to the whole trading card thing and wanna buy some SW Galaxy packs when they come out, I'd recommend talking to your local comic shop and see if they can put some on hold for you -- or keep an eye on the card section at Target. And of course there's always eBay - just do a search for "Topps Star Wars Galaxy 4."

Other News:

I know I'm a broken record, but thanks again to everyone who's been so patient with emails and commissions and such.

My new 2009 sketchbook "Quantum of Sarlacc" and my original graphic novella "Wolves of Odin" are both still available -- I've got copies right here on my desk. If you're interested, click here for ordering info.

I'll only have a handful of sketchbooks with me at conventions this year and I'm expecting/hoping they'll sell out at each show. So if you definitely want a copy, I'd recommend ordering one.

Thanks, everyone!
I'll be back soon-ish.