February 18, 2009

Star Wars Galaxy is here!

For the first time in 13 years, a brand spankin' new Star Wars Galaxy card set is in stores! :) Run to your local comic shop and Target and grab 'em up before they sell out (and I guarantee they will).

I created one of the base cards for the set, and I did a very small number of sketch cards that are randomly distributed in packs.

Each artist gets back a few "artist return cards" to sell on their own. I still have a few left, so I'm gonna start posting them here on my site, and hopefully I can find interested buyers without having to deal with eBay's selling fees. So here you can see two of my available return cards. They're $250 each and come with signed certificates of authenticity stating that they are one of my eight returns (each card is hand-drawn and colored, standard trading card size, approved by Lucasfilm & Topps - you can see what the back of each card looks like right here). If you want one of these two cards, shoot me an email at grantgoboom@gmail.com.

UPDATE: The Yoda/Padme card is sold.