April 27, 2009

MN MicroCon 2009

Another MicroCon in the can. It was a fun show, as always - and more packed than usual. Had a pretty good crowd almost the whole day. :)

Artist Jessica Hickman became an Honorary Member of the 501st (courtesy of 501st member Brad Kramer):

Rebel Legion members Ed Cook and Teresa Jackson:

Random shot of the convention building:

Of course, the obligatory superhero costume group shot pic:

And here are a few sketches I scanned in before the show --

Big thanks to everyone that came out to MicroCon! And thank you for not giving me swine flu.

Next convention stop for me is the massively HUUUUGE San Diego Comic-Con in July. Kinda strange to go from the smallest show of the year to the biggest. :) But, yeah, lookin' forward to that. Obviously I'll be posting much more regarding SDCC in the months to come.

I'm gonna be packing and moving over the next few weeks, so it may be a little quiet here on my site. But don't worry - once I'm settled into my new place, I'm sure it won't take me long to get back into the art groove. And hopefully I'll have a few new projects to announce soon too. Aah'll be bock.