May 22, 2009

Terminator Salvation

I thought it was a great movie. I didn't loooove it the way I loved Star Trek, but I definitely enjoyed it. When the credits rolled, I left the theater with a sense of fanboy satisfaction. I wanted some gritty "future war" robot fightin', and that's exactly what I got. (I liked the surprise toward the end, too. Very cool.)

For me, Christian Bale was probably the weakest link in the movie. I'm not a Bale hater by any means - I just thought he made a bland John Connor. I think I would've preferred they'd kept Nick Stahl, T3's John Connor. But on the flip side of all that, I liked the secondary characters a lot. Sam Worthington brought a ton of charisma, and I was pretty impressed by young Kyle Reese (who, strangely enough, is the same actor who plays Chekov in Trek).

So, yeah, I liked it. Lookin' forward to T5. Hopefully they give Bryce Dallas Howard more to do next time. I love her.