July 20, 2009

Comic-Con: This Week

Soon I will be on my way to the land of perfect weather.

If you're attending Comic-Con, come find me in Artists' Alley at table CC-17. I'll have copies of The White Album (a debut no Beatles fan will wanna miss!), my 2009 sketchbook, my exclusive 11x17 Hermione print, 8x10 prints of the new 'Wolves of Odin' webcomic promo art, and lots more. Unfortunately I didn't get a bunch of pre-drawn pieces done like I'd originally hoped, but I am bringing some of my Clone Wars comic pages to sell, so at least there'll be some original art for the Star Wars lovers. I will be doing $20 b&w headshot sketches at the show, too, pretty much on a first come, first served basis -- get there as early as ya can to get on the list.

I'll be spending the first hour of each day (excluding Preview Night) at the Super Real Graphics booth, #5331. "Wolves of Odin" will be on sale there, along with Pulp Girls and all sorts of cool stuff.

I'm looking forward to the craziness -- hopefully it'll be another great year at Comic-Con. I'll be back in about a week with photos and artwork. Thanks for your support, everyone! Peace 'n' loooove!