July 12, 2009

Thumbnails of Odin

Thought I'd show some of the process behind my recent Wolves of Odin pic. Top left is the thumbnail for her pose. Like a lot of other illustrators, I hated doing thumbnails when I first started out. I felt that going straight to the final page was faster and more natural, more energetic. Well, I was wrong. I've really learned to embrace thumbnailing stuff out before I start my pencils. I just grab a notepad and any old pen and scribble until I get a decent stick-figure-ish framework. Then I scan it in, blow it up to full page size, print it out, and use a lightbox to pencil over the thumbs. Sounds like a lot of work, but it actually saves me time. If I go straight to the final page, I end up erasing and re-drawing every little body part fifty times over.

Anyway, so there's a peek at the thumbnail and pencilwork for that particular pose.

Comic-Con is about a week away and it's holy crap crunch time. Huge thank you to everyone that took advantage of my pre-order offer!

I'll be back with a couple more updates before the big show, so check back soon. :)
(Rumor has it there's some little movie about wizards coming out this week...)