July 8, 2009

WOLVES OF ODIN continues - this month!

In case you missed my big news over at the official blog. ;)


Beginning July 31st, 2009, the WOLVES OF ODIN saga continues in an all-new webcomic format! Two new pages every week, free for everyone to enjoy online.


Out of anger, Odin, Father of the Norse Gods, unleashed three unstoppable beasts upon mankind. But Thor, God of Thunder, interfered with Odin's plans and aided a warrior named Tyr by giving him the power he needed to ultimately defeat the wolves. Thus the battle ended, but in the aftermath, other events were set in motion.

The spiteful witch Bergthora has given rise to a new breed of werewolf. They can shapeshift at will and hide among the north-men, drawing strength from the Earth itself. They are a threat to not only humanity, but to the gods as well. A war is coming.


New characters! New adventures! All brought to you by "Wolves of Odin" creator Grant Gould.

Be sure to bookmark the official site - WolvesOfOdin.com - and visit Grant and Super Real Graphics (booth #5331) at San Diego Comic-Con for a chance to own an 8x10 glossy print of the promotional artwork you see above!

Spread the word... THE WOLVES ARE RETURNING!