August 23, 2009

BSG Mini-Print Art Cards

I made these in an effort to hopefully make a little bit of money to help pay for my hotel & flight for Dragon*Con (I'm going as a fan this year - I won't be set up in the artist area). Anyone who is willing to make a $10 donation to the "Grant Is Frakkin' Poor" fund can own a set of these shiny cards!

Two of the images (Tigh and Starbuck) are older drawings of mine - I gave them a slight revamping. The other four are new.

I'll be carrying the cards around with me at Dragon*Con. You can just walk up to me (I'll be at all the BSG events - it shouldn't be too hard to find me) and buy a set of the cards from me in person. Just say, "Grant, I need the cards!!"

Or if you aren't going to Dragon*Con - or don't want to have to hunt me down - you can order via Paypal instead. Send to and make sure you include your mailing address. And if you're willing to add a few extra bucks to cover shipping (especially those of you outside the U.S.), I will love you even more.

Thanks, everyone!