August 25, 2009

Clone Wars - Fall Updates

I have four quick bits of Clone Wars news and reminders:

1) Season 2 is right around the corner (starts Oct. 2nd, I believe), and that means we're getting in gear to start the next batch of webcomics for So those are fast approaching -- just wanted to confirm that I'm onboard again, which I'm very happy about. :)

2) Topps has a new Clone Wars set in the works. It's a widevision set, which is really cool - it's the first time there's ever been widevision format sketch cards. So I'll be on that set. I'm planning on doing a hundred sketch cards.

3) Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the kids' activity book I illustrated, should be hitting stores very soon. Amazon claims Sept. 1st is the big day. As soon as I know it's out on shelves, I'll post an update.

And last but not least,
4) Star Wars Fan Days III is coming up quickly. I will be there. I've already had a few people asking about pre-orders, and the answer is yes, I will definitely take pre-orders. I'll post more info as we get closer to the show. We still have some time. :)