October 1, 2009

Clone Wars Season 2 Webcomic Begins

The Clone Wars Season 2 webcomic starts today! You can find it by heading over to StarWars.com or by clicking directly on the webcomic link: starwars.com/clonewars/comic.

We're doing something different this time. Instead of each chapter serving as a tie-in to that week's given episode, for season 2 we'll be following NEW original characters, and it will be an entirely new tale (written by Pablo Hidalgo) set during the 2nd season of Clone Wars. It will still connect with the series here and there, but for the most part, it's a self-contained adventure!

The four artists onboard for season 2 are Tom Hodges, Jeff Carlisle, Daniel Falconer, and myself (don't worry, Katie Cook fans, she's still very much involved in Star Wars - they just have her doing something else at the moment). The first two chapters are by Tom, then I'm on week 3, Jeff's on week 4, Daniel on 5, and we rotate from there. The first cover (shown above) was drawn by Tom and colored by me.

Like last season, the webcomic has a toolbar near the top of the page. I recommend you all view the comic in full-screen mode - it makes it easier to zoom in and move around. Just click the little box icon on the far left to get full-screen. And now there's a "menu" box that allows you to go back and read the webcomics from season 1.

I hope you all enjoy the new story and the new characters! There's a lot of great stuff on the way --