October 13, 2009

Fan Days Sketchbook - Announcement!

I've created a new convention sketchbook for Star Wars Fan Days this month -- 30 pages jam-packed with Grant goodness (Star Wars, BSG, movie fan art, all sorts of recent work). And for THIS WEEK ONLY, those of you who aren't going to Fan Days will have a chance to order one.

Sketchbooks are $20 plus $5 shipping (international shipping: $10) -- Send payment via Paypal to grantgoboom@gmail.com and write "Fan Days Sketchbook" in the subject line. You get a custom inked headshot sketch on the last page of the sketchbook, so let me know which character you'd like. If you don't specify, I'll probably just draw one of the Clone Wars characters for ya.

I'm only offering this until the end of the day on Friday (the 16th), because I'm only gonna have a limited number of these things. Please note that I'll be shipping orders after I get back from Fan Days (I won't have time to mail them out before the show, because I'm visiting some family in Texas next week).

Thanks, folks!