October 20, 2009

Fan Days - This Weekend!

Star Wars Fan Days III (FanDays.com) is almost here... and boy o boy, is it gonna be a race to the finish for me. There was some miscommunication (non-Fan-Days-related) with a certain deadline of mine and I'm frantically trying to get some stuff done before I fly to Texas. This week is drivin' me batty. In any case, I know I'm behind on a TON of emails. I apologize for that - I'll try to respond as soon as I can. If you emailed me about something Fan Days related and I haven't written back yet, PLEASE send it again and write "URGENT" in the subject line so that I don't miss it.

As some of you know, artist Mark McHaley won't be able to make it to Fan Days, but those of you who were hoping to grab one of his Fan Days sketchcards are in luck -- He's mailing them to me so that I can give them out at my table (this is part of the VIP program - see site for details). They'll be a random pull - I believe he's doing some b&w and some color, whatever time permits. Anyway, so definitely stop by my table for Grant goodies AND Mark goodies.

Another quick note: I'm not bringing my color markers with me to the show, but I will have my greyscale markers and brush pens, etc. So I'll be offering nice inked sketches.. Just no color. AFTER the show, I'll likely have a few Fan Days blanks that I can sell online, and for those I'll probably offer up full-color.

I think that's all I got right now. Gonna be a crazy busy week - hopefully this weekend will be really fun and awesome -- I hope to see massive crowds that are in a spending mood! heh :) And for those of you patiently waiting on commissions: I'll finally be done with conventions after this weekend, and that means a lot more free time to play catch up.