October 8, 2009

Shaak Ti Sketch

Shaak Ti (for Jon) - drawn with pencils, brush pen, and greyscale markers.

I am making some decent progress on my commission list. Some of you have been SUPER awesomely patient, and I thank you from the bottom of my nerdy heart. In another month or two I should be caught up and at square one, knock on wood. I'm probably gonna try something a little different for 2010 - I'll have a list on my site of all current commissions and what the status/expected finish time is on each one. So look forward to that.

I'll be back very soon with some last-minute FallCon info, and then next week I'll have a bunch of art to show, including some more Topps Widevision card scans, AND my first pages for the Clone Wars season 2 webcomic go live next week, so ... lots of stuff.