October 22, 2009

Top 10 Halloween DVD Picks

Now, I'm not saying these are necessarily the BEST horror movies of all time. They're just 10 of my top favorites, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for some fun 'n' freaky Halloween viewing. :)

Dawn of the Dead (2004 remake):
My favorite zombie movie. I was a big fan of the original Dawn of the Dead, too, but this one just knocked it out of the park in every possible way, from the opening scenes to the very last frame. It caters to everything I want in a horror/action/survival flick.

Dog Soldiers:
It seems that a lot of people have never heard of this one, and that's a shame. It's easily my favorite werewolf movie. The beasties look awesome and the characters are great.

The Thing:
John Carpenter's 1982 classic. Not just one of my favorite horror movies, but one of my favorite movies, period. Kurt Russell is amazing, the setting is perfect, and I love love loooove the ending. I'm a sucker for tragedies.

The Blair Witch Project:
I know there are a lot of people out there who dislike this movie, and a lot of people who claim it didn't scare them whatsoever... I am NOT one of those people. I saw Blair Witch on opening night with a bunch of friends - we went into it with no expectations - we didn't know if it was real or not. The movie scared THE CRAP out of me. The "leave it to your imagination" aspect really got to me, and it was the creepiest movie-watching experience of my life. I still remember the final scene - the entire audience screamed or gasped, and then we literally sat in stunned, freaked-out silence for about two solid minutes. I still get chills thinking about it. (And of course, right as I'm typing this, something - a tree branch probably - hits my window, making my heart frickin' stop. NICE...)

Such an awesome movie on so many levels. I saw it multiple times as a kid and it always fascinated me and scared me (that swimming pool scene - yikes). For me, the concept of ghosts and poltergeists felt much more real than, say, Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th.

Interview With The Vampire:
I don't care what anyone says, I love this movie. I think it's well-made, I think it does justice to the book (which I was a huge fan of as a teenager), and I think Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are excellent. This movie deserves way more love than it gets.

Trick 'r Treat:
I recently discovered this one, and I loved it. In fact, I find myself thinking about it a lot - it's got a bunch of creepy, cool scenes that (for me, at least) are really memorable. It's not super scary, but it's fun, and it harkens back to the 1980s short story style horror flicks like Creepshow.

Fright Night:
An underrated classic. Creepy, funny, goofy, awesome. And let's not forget - one of the scariest smiles in cinema history (click here if you dare).

28 Days Later:
It's hard to argue that this was a revolutionary zombie flick. It changed the genre and spawned an era of copycats. It gave us a bleak, serious look at a post-outbreak world, not to mention FAST zombies. It's still just as creepy today as it was the first time I watched it.

The Lost Boys:
Okay, so when you watch it now, it's more comedy than horror. It isn't a movie that's going to give you nightmares. But it was a staple of '80s childhood, and I still think it's a blast to watch it. I can't deny my love for The Lost Boys. And, c'mon... Easily one of the best soundtracks ever.