November 16, 2009

Movin' again...

Ah, my life is so full of action and adventure. :P I am moving again, and, of course, that means the next couple weeks will be more random than usual. I'm still staying in Minnesota. Fortunately, this time I have far less stuff to pack (a lot of it is still in boxes), so I'm not expecting too much craziness. Anyway, I'm still focusing on commissions and trying to get them done ASAP. I'm still keeping my PO Box address (1769 Lexington Ave. N. #156, Roseville, MN 55113), so no worries there. Hopefully the transition will be quick and smooth.

On a completely unrelated note, tomorrow is an AWESOME day for sci fi lovers. :) Both Star Trek and the new mega-condensed Farscape: The Complete Series hit DVD and Blu-ray. I had hoped to do some fan art for both, but... yeah, just don't have the time. So all you get is this crappy doodle.