December 29, 2009

Character Commissions

I will soon be caught up on past-due commissions and that means I can start taking a few new orders. At the moment I'm offering two options:

• Marker-colored, single-character, 8.5"x11" pieces for $100 (samples: Padme, Clone Trooper, Plo Koon).

• Digitally-colored, single-character, 8.5"x11" pieces for $200 (samples: Captain Rex, Racetrack, Boba Fett) -- You get both the original line art and a high-resolution file of the final colored piece.

I need to finish up all of my 2009 commissions before I begin work on new orders (so don't expect to see new commissions finished in January), but the sooner you grab a spot the better - I'll be tackling these in the order I get 'em. So if you're interested, send Paypal payment to me at, write "Early 2010 Commission" in the subject line, and let me know what character you'd like in the notes section. No extra money for shipping required.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at and write "Commission Question" in the subject line. Thanks, everyone!