December 30, 2009

Grab yourself a New Year's sketch card treat

I'm still taking orders for sketch cards. I have regular personal card stock (blank on the front, my name on the back), as well as Star Wars Fan Days II and III card stock. Full-color like the Toony Indy above is $50 -- B&W/duotone like the Vader is $30. Paypal me at if interested - please add $5 for shipping. And of course make sure you specify which character and card stock you'd like. And if you want the character "toon-ified" like that Indy, make sure you say so. :)

And I still have ONE blank artist return card left for the Clone Wars Widevision set - I'm asking $150 (Edit: Widevision card has been SOLD). You can choose any character you like. Email me if ya want it. Thanks!