December 14, 2009

Kevin Eastman Digs "Wolves"

I recently discovered that Kevin Eastman (TMNT co-creator & owner of Heavy Metal magazine) plugged Wolves of Odin on his blog! Here's the link.

I hate to get all mushy and sentimental, but that is a HUGE honor for me. I spent countless hours as a teenager looking at the old black & white Ninja Turtle comics, doodling the characters over and over again in my school notebooks (we're talkin' old school -- all red headbands, people, none of this multi-color crap!). To know that Eastman read my book - let alone dug it! - is beyond flattering.

Special thanks to my pal Dan Mendoza for sending me the link. Dan's book Zombie Tramp was also given a nice plug by Eastman, and I know Dan loves the guy as much as I do, so it's like an early awesome Christmas present for both of us. :)