February 24, 2010

Galaxy 5 is awaayyy

Star Wars Galaxy 5 is now in stores!

You may remember I posted my Ah-snow-ka base card a few weeks ago. Well, here's a look at my Anakin vs. Asajj card, depicting the infamous battle where she gives him the scar on his face (you can read all about it in the Dark Horse comic Star Wars: Republic #71). I didn't want to copy what's seen in the comic, so I designed a new look for Anakin. In the comic, he has a very Revenge of the Sith look, but now that we know what he looks like in the new Clone Wars cartoon, I thought it'd be more appropriate to come up with how he might've looked between Attack of the Clones and the Clone Wars cartoon - sort of a bridging design to match up with the timeline. So even though it borrows elements from various movies/shows, this is an ALL-NEW Anakin! heh :)