April 12, 2010

C2E2 Update - The Goods

C2E2 is almost upon us! As I stated earlier, I'll be at "G-1" in Artist Alley, right on the end of the G aisle. Here's a rundown of what I'm planning on having at my table:

1) 2010 Sketchbooks! ($20 each)
2) A Variety of 11"x17" Art Prints! ($10 each)
3) Wolves of Odin! ($5 each)
4) Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars! ($15 each)
5) Original Comic Pages from The Clone Wars Webcomics AND Original Drawings from the Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars kids' book! Prices will vary - (Priced as Marked)

What will I be charging for sketches at the show?
I'm trying something a little different for C2E2. I'll have 2 open slots each day (6 slots for the entire show). If you're interested in an original sketch drawn at the show, swing by my table ASAP and see if there's a slot open. I'm charging $50 per piece, and what you get is an 8.5"x11" single-character drawing in B&W, fully inked with greytones (no color). They'll be more detailed, cool posed shots - not just bust/headshot drawings.

So that's the scoop! :)

And don't forget -- On Sunday I'll be teaching a "How To Draw Clone Wars" class with fellow artist Katie Cook! So once you get to the show, be sure to check the program guide for all the details. Thanks, everyone! See you in Chicago!!