May 8, 2010

Creating an Indy sketch card

This was the last of my Indiana Jones return cards (they're all gone now)! I thought it'd be fun to show each step of my sketch card process.

Step 1: Pencil sketch. I generally use blue illustration pencil because when I digitally color stuff, I can scan in the drawing and easily erase the blue lines in Photoshop - just makes my job easier. So I pretty much always use blue pencils. I don't even think I own any "normal" pencils anymore.

Step 2: Lay down the lighter colors. I do yellows and flesh tones and such BEFORE I ink, so that my brush pen lines don't smudge. If I ink and then add skin tone, for example, then my ink lines get all weird and bleed into the color.

Step 3: Inks. After my lighter colors are dry, then I take my trusty ol' Faber-Castell brush pens (fine and brush nibs) and do my linework. I might add in some color flats, too, like the background.

Step 4: Colors & final touches. I let my inks dry, and then add all the final colors. Once those are dry, then I'll add some shading, add some white pencil here and there, and basically tweak whatever needs tweaking. And there ya have it - a sketch card. Punch that Nazi in the face, Indy!!!