May 26, 2010

Goodbye, LOST

I loved the finale. I caught it live on Sunday night, and then watched it again first thing Monday morning. As is the case with any huge show coming to an end, fans seem pretty torn. Some are angry that we didn't get every answer to every question, or they didn't really get the ending or the meaning behind the "sideways world." For me, everything made sense, and I thought it was completely emotionally fulfilling. I liken it to the ending of the comic series "Y: The Last Man" -- it was about the journey and the characters, not scientific explanations. Anyway, the show went out on a very high note, in my opinion, and I'll miss it. Congrats to the cast and crew for six crazy years! :)

I fully plan on creating some new LOST season 6/finale fan art (c'mon, you know I can't resist), but right now my Lucasfilm deadlines are sucking up every spare minute. I have two Star Wars projects due the first week of June... So I probably won't have my new LOST print done in time for HeroesCon. But I *should* have it done in time for CV in August. Anyway, I'll post more info later.

Namaste. 4 8 15 16 23 42.

See you in another life, brotha.