June 7, 2010

Dark Side Ahsoka

This is the "Dark Side/Adult Ahsoka" piece I did for the HeroesCon charity art auction this past weekend. It was 8.5"x11" and drawn with brush pen, colored with Prismacolors. I thought it'd be a fun "what if" type of drawing. Congrats to the person who won it!

Big thank you to everyone who came by my table at HeroesCon -- it was a great show. :) Great to see so many familiar faces and artist friends, and of course I met a bunch of wonderful new people. Charlotte's just a cool city - I have no complaints. HeroesCon gets a big thumbs up from me.

Next up is the BIG ONE: Star Wars Celebration 5 in August (no San Diego for me this year). Fortunately I have a few weeks here to catch up on things and get back to commissions and mailing off sketchbooks and responding to emails and everything else. So stay tuned - I'll be back soon. Hopefully I'll be able to talk some Star Wars news very soon, too. ;)