June 19, 2010

Star Wars Celebration art print

StarWars.com has unleashed the first wave of exclusive art prints that will be available at Celebration V, including mine -- an Ahsoka piece titled "Around Every Corner."

As much as I loooove The Empire Strikes Back, I knew most of the attending artists would focus on Empire, so I chose to give the Clone Wars a little love and focus on Ahsoka. And let's face it - she's my favorite. :) I decided to include some of the villains that have played a major role in Ahsoka's adventures thus far, too... Plus I thought it might be fun for people to be able to buy my print and then go get it signed by the voice actors: Ashley Eckstein, Matt Wood, Jaime King, etc. So hopefully people will dig it!

Like my last Celebration piece, this one will be 11"x17", and priced very affordably. More details (and announcements) to come! Keep an eye on GrantGould.com and of course StarWars.com over the next few weeks.