July 3, 2010

Lightsabers and Fireworks

This was done for my friend Mary, based on her super-cool and self-designed Sith Witch Nightsister costume. I took a few liberties and made it a little more leggy/pinup-girly. With Mary's permission, of course. ;) Those of you going to Celebration V will likely see her walking around in costume - if you see her, take a picture and tell her how awesome she is!

4th of July is here and I'm knee-deep in work and CONvergence (I'm not in artists' alley - I'm just hanging out with friends). I hope everyone has a happy, fun, and safe holiday weekend!

I haven't had much time to catch up on emails -- I'll get to those ASAP. And I have some big CV-related announcements on deck, so check back soon. :)