July 15, 2010

Some "Wolves of Odin" News

First of all, a big thanks to the Geek Girls Network -- They gave 'Wolves of Odin' a great review. (Amy, you're awesome!) :)

And for those of you wondering: Yes, there will be a second book. Right now we're shooting/hoping for a 2011 release, so it's still a ways off. But it is happening. The webcomic is (obviously) NOT happening. I'm just gonna go straight to graphic novel. Anyway, more news on this in the future. But WoO will be back, and with SRG, and I'm looking forward to kicking the first book's butt with much more viking vs. werewolf awesomeness.

Speaking of the first book, if you still haven't picked it up, head over to WolvesOfOdin.com and buy yourself a copy!

I'm really reeaally looking forward to being able to set aside a big chunk of time hopefully this fall or winter and start drawing pages.