July 28, 2010

Two Weeks Away!

My new banner arrived! One more check-off on the CV Prep List. Crazy to think that the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy is only two weeks away. As is always the case, it'll be a photo finish for me. Trying to get stuff to and from the printer, trying to stay on top of work, answering emails (yeah, I'm still way behind). But it's definitely time for another one of these "CV Updates" so I can give solid answers to some Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you know your table number?
Not yet, but don't worry - I'll be pretty easy to find. Just head to the Art Show/Artist Area and look for my big Ahsoka banner.

Will you sign my badge?
Of course! :) Just come over to my table and ask - I'll be happy to!

Will you be selling any of the badges, or sets of the badges?
Nope. However, I believe the Lucasfilm/Celebration gift shop will be selling a limited number of badge sets (to be mailed after the show).

How much will your official CV Ahsoka prints be, and what size are they?
They're 11"x17" on heavy gloss stock, and they'll be $30 each (limited to 250 signed & numbered copies). Time permitting, I'll also be offering black & white headshot remarque sketches on the lower right corners of the prints for an additional $20.

Can I pre-order one of your prints?
Pre-orders aren't allowed (all sales must be made at the show). But if you're not showing up until later that weekend and are worried about getting one, shoot me an email -- I can put one on hold for you. Reserves must be made by Sunday, Aug. 8th, and they're only valid through Saturday, Aug. 14th.

How can I get one of your prints if I'm not going to CV?
If any of my 250 copies don't sell by the end of the show, Star Wars Shop may offer them up online for people to buy. But that's really your only other option. I would suggest finding a friend who is going to CV, and ask them to pick one up for ya.

What other prints will you have?
My Ahsoka print is the only Star Wars one I'm allowed to sell, but I do plan on having a couple other 11"x17" non-Star-Wars prints for sale at my table for $20 each. I don't want to say what they are, because at this point I don't know which ones I'll be able to finish and get printed in time. But they will be AWESOME! :)

Will you have any copies of your sketchbooks?
Unfortunately, no -- too many other things going on right now. I won't have any sketchbooks at CV.

Will you have original art for sale?
Yep, I do plan on bringing some original Star Wars art with me. I'll likely have some of my original CV badge pieces, as well as some Clone Wars comic pages... maybe some other goodies as well.

Will you be doing sketches, and how much will you charge?
I plan on doing black & white sketches -- headshot/busts for $20, or more full-character/posed stuff for $50. But get there early. I'd imagine I'll only have time to finish a handful each day.

Can I pre-order a sketch and pick it up at the show?
Nope -- Acme Archives (the folks running the art show) say pre-orders aren't allowed. Plus I'm outta time! Sorry.

I'm poor. Won't you have any freebies?
Indeed, I will!! I made exclusive double-sided postcards featuring my "Quantum of Sarlacc" and "Inglourious Lizerds" art. I have a thousand of them. They are free to anyone who wants one (limit one per person). Swing by my table and say, "Hey, hook me up with one of those sweeet, sweeeeeeet freebies!"

And that's all I got for ya, people... Time for me to catch a few ZZZs and then dive back into work.

I shall be back soon! As always, thank you all for your patience and support. I know I haven't exactly been the most organized artist in the world. Please email me with concerns/questions/etc. I'm slowly making my way through the ol' inbox.

And looking forward to Celebration!!! :)