August 3, 2010

Drawing For Younglings - and 2 book signings

Two quick things I wanted to mention, for those of you going to Celebration V --

I'll be hosting a class on Thursday, August 12th (from 2 - 3pm) called "Drawing For Younglings." It'll be located in the Star Wars Family Room at CV (you can check the program when you arrive for additional details). It'll be a laid-back, family-friendly hour of me teaching kids how to draw all sorts of Star Wars characters in a fun, cartoony style. :)

The Clone Wars webcomics from season 1 are finally being collected into a trade paperback, and TRUST ME, you're gonna want to buy one. They only made a LIMITED NUMBER, and they are stinkin' awesome. You'll be able to get it signed by me and the rest of the creative team at two different points during the show -- Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 10am, over at Tom Hodges' booth (#536). You can also get your hands on a free exclusive poster - either 'heroes' or 'villains' - drawn by Tom and colored by me! You can find more info over here.

... As for my 'Draw Clone Wars' book, there isn't an official signing time for that, since it came out a while ago. But Bonnie Burton and I will both be pretty easy to find at the show, so if you have a copy, bring it on down. We'd be more than happy to sign it for ya! :)