August 18, 2010

Star Wars Celebration Recap

I'm back from Celebration V in Orlando -- I want to thank everyone for such an amazing, fun show! I had a wonderful time, and it was cool seeing so many fans, fellow artists, friends, etc. Here's a brief recap showing a few of the highlights from the past week --

One of the first things I did was head over to the Her Universe booth to give Ashley Eckstein (the voice of Ahsoka) a copy of my CV print. She loved it and was a total sweetie as always. :)

It was good to see Jason and Jimmy again - of the ForceCast fame, of course - and Dave Filoni, director of the Clone Wars. They're all great guys.

I was actually interviewed by the ForceCast twice during the show. The first one is up right now (click here). And the second one is a group interview with me and Pablo, Tom, Katie, and Jeff -- I'd imagine the episode will be up shortly.

The lovely and talented Shea Standefer decided to rest on my table for awhile... I was not complaining...

I brought my remaining original drawings for the CV badges - These are the two guys who bought the Mace and Yoda pieces.

P.S. I have four badge originals left -- Only 4 out of 19! Aayla, Grievous, Rex, and Threepio are still available. Shoot me an email if you're interested - :)

We had two signings at Tom's booth for the "Clone Wars: Season 1" webcomic trade paperback (which people LOVED - the book was a huge hit). Here's a group shot of us -- Back row: Tom Hodges and Jeff Carlisle. Front row: Pablo Hidalgo, Katie Cook, and me.

A couple great Ahsokas that stopped by my table.

My badges were displayed as a set in the gift shop -- I believe they were selling 200 sets at the show. They might be selling sets on Star Wars Shop too, but I'm not sure yet.

And of course it was great to see Steve Sansweet again.

My trusty booth babe/assistant: my cousin Emily. She really helped me out with the whole show - I couldn't have done it without her. And her husband Mike was with -- he did some volunteering up in the family room. I had a lot of fun with Mike and Emily, as always.

Me with R2 master Chris Simonds. I can't pass up the opportunity to get a pic with my favorite droid!

My favorite girl Mary was a huge hit with her Sith Witch Nightsister costume (pictured above). She won the Costume Contest and was featured on the front page of! I was really proud. :)

And finally -- I got to meet Mark Hamill. Luke Skywalker himself. One of my childhood heroes. I was a little worried that he'd be a jerk or something - ya never know how these celebrity types will be. But he was completely nice and really charming, and it was an awesome experience.

So yeah... GREAT show over all. I liked Orlando (aside from the insane heat and humidity). The convention center was perfect. I wouldn't mind if Celebration 6 was held there again. I didn't get to see as much of the show as I would've liked, but that's okay - Sunday was going to be my "leave the table and look around" day, but it ended up being really busy, so I stayed. Busy is a good thing! So no complaints.

Now to catch up on some sleep and slowly return to the real world...