September 9, 2010

Chicagoland Expo this weekend

I will be at the Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo this weekend. I won't be at the special 2-hour Preview Night tonight, but I'll be there the rest of the show, Friday thru Sunday.

There'll be a lot of great artists (many of whom are well-known in the world of trading cards and sketch cards), as well as TV and movie celebrities. It should be a fun time. If you want more info, check out their website at

I'm planning on bringing some prints with me, as well as some Clone Wars graphic novels, some exclusive CV Star Wars Galaxy card promos, and a few other goodies. I should have a wide range of stuff - so even if all you wanna spend is a dollar, I'll have something for ya. :)

I am planning on doing a limited number of sketches at the show: black & white, greyscaled, inked single-character drawings for $50 each. I'm trying something a little different and doing them on 11"x14" bristol board, which is a bigger size than I usually do convention sketches on. This offer is exclusive for this show only! I'll only be taking a handful of requests - no more than 1 or 2 each day. So if you want one of my inked $50 character drawings on 11"x14", head over to my table right away and grab a spot before they're all filled up.

Thanks, folks! See you there ---

P.S. When I get home next week, I'll be hitting my past-due commission list hard. Expect some news on that front very soon, those of you patiently waiting. :) Thanks!