November 22, 2010

Star Wars Galaxy: Series 6

Topps' latest Star Wars Galaxy card set is on the horizon and I'm onboard for a handful of sketch cards and at least one base card. Like the previous set, Galaxy 6 will feature a wide variety of newly-commissioned artwork, offering unique visions and interpretations of your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away. Of all the various Star Wars sets that I work on, the Galaxy ones are always the most fun -- everything in the Star Wars universe is fair game: the prequels, the Clone Wars, the original trilogy, the EU, videogames... Well, maybe not the Holiday Special. ;P But for the most part, we get free reign to do what we want, and that's always exciting.

Here's an early pencil sketch sneak peek at the Galaxy 6 base card I'm working on. Loves me some Qui-Gon.