January 15, 2011

2011 Sketchbook

My new 2011 sketchbook is now available to order! For those that might not know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Heir to the Empire, the book that kicked off the popular "Thrawn Trilogy" and a much-needed return to the world of Star Wars. So, in keeping with my sketchbook parody cover theme of years past, I did a parody of the Tron Legacy poster featuring "Thrawn Trilogy" characters.

Like last year's "Inglourious Lizerds," the book is an 8.5"x11" format with color covers and b&w interiors. Here's a look at 6 of the 48 pages:

I'm not offering customized headshot sketches this time around. I just have too much to catch up on and don't want to fall behind on shipping books. (Speaking of which, if you're still waiting on a 2010 sketchbook order, PLEASE shoot me an email so I can get that taken care of.)

My plan is to ship orders the month AFTER -- so all orders I receive in January will ship in February, all orders from Feb. will ship in March, etc. This way I get copies printed as needed, both for online orders and conventions.

So if you'd like to be among the first wave of 2011 sketchbooks being shipped out next month, get your order in by the last day of January!

To order:
Send Paypal order to grantgoboom@gmail.com and write "2011 sketchbook" in the subject line. Be sure your snail mail address is included. The books are $20 each plus $5 shipping within the U.S., or $10 shipping outside the U.S.

If you would rather send a personal check, just email me at grantgoboom@gmail.com and I'll provide you with more info.

Copies of my 2010 sketchbook are still available as well - they're $20 each, same as the new ones :)

Thanks, everyone!