August 26, 2011

11"x17" Glossy Art Prints Available

Sturdy, high-quality 11"x17" prints. Perfect for framing, or hanging in your cubicle! $20 each +shipping. BUY 2, GET A 3RD FREE! Scroll down for more info.

"Jon Snow & Ghost" (from Game of Thrones)
"Daenerys Stormborn" (from Game of Thrones)

"Tyrion Lannister" (from Game of Thrones)
"Yoda" (Licensed 'Non-Sport Update' Magazine cover)

"Quantum of Sarlacc" (Parody artwork)
"Thrawn Legacy" (Parody artwork)

"Uhura" (from the new Star Trek)
"Doctor Who and Amy Pond" (from the Matt Smith series)

"Starbuck" (Season 2 outfit, from Battlestar Galactica)
"Jack Burton" (from Big Trouble in Little China)

Send payment via Paypal to and be sure to include your mailing address as well as a note saying which print(s) you'd like. They are $20 each, and if you buy 2, then you get a 3rd FREE (so three prints = $40 total +shipping).

SHIPPING: Please include $10 for all orders (NOT $10 per print, just $10 per total order) -- this covers packaging, protective cardboard, shipping cost, etc.