August 3, 2011

Inspiration: Iain McCaig

I'm still in post-SDCC catch up mode, but I wanted to share this video -- if you're an artist, or even just a fan of the artistic process, it's worth watching. Iain McCaig ( is a legend in the industry, not to mention one of the nicest guys on planet Earth. I had the good fortune of meeting him a few years ago and he was incredibly humble, kind, and most of all, positive.

I would also recommend a series of DVDs he released a few years back via They're a bit pricey (there are 4 volumes), but if you have the money and are interested in seeing his creative process from rough sketches all the way to the finished art, they're so worth buying. I found his advice to be really inspirational. Anyway, so enjoy some McCaig goodness.

As for me, I'm sorry I'm a bit behind on emails -- will definitely catch up on them soon.
Between catching up on projects, commissions, and planning for a wedding, things are crazy! :)