September 16, 2011

Draw Embo from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I drew this kids' step-by-step for last year, but they ended up not using it. Now that the site's undergoing a massive revamp and they're focusing on new material/features, I think it's safe to go ahead and post this. So here ya go, just in time for the Clone Wars season 4 premiere -- everyone's favorite green-skinned, alien-samurai, butt-kickin' bounty hunter!

Use light pencil strokes and follow the red lines as guides. Start by creating a stick figure frame with circles to represent knees, shoulders, etc.

Give his body its basic shape now, kind of a sharp-edged "figure eight."

Flesh him out some more -- arms, feet, hat -- still using very loose, light, simple shapes.

Now that his over all shape is coming together, you can start penciling in some more detailed areas, such as his face, belt, and clothing.

Okay, by this point you should have a fairly detailed pencil drawing. Go ahead and add some darker lines, fine-tune those details. If something looks wrong, go ahead and erase and try again. Don't be afraid to erase and try again!

And finally, after your pencils are done, you can add some inks, or make a photocopy and THEN inks, or scan it into your computer, or color it with markers. It's completely up to you.

For my example here, I used Faber-Castell artist pitt pens to ink my drawing, and then scanned it into Photoshop and colored it digitally (as seen above).