September 1, 2011

No Assembly Required: Esau, Exarch of Tharizdun

Today marks the beginning of a new monthly feature over at called NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. It's written by my friend Mike, who is the mastermind behind the popular gaming blog "The Id DM." Each month Mike focuses on a new monster, and I'll be doing the illustrations for each one. I designed the logo as well:

It's a really fun project and big thanks to Mike for asking me to be part of it. If you're a gamer/tabletop RPG fan, definitely go bookmark both of these sites. They have tons of amazing, useful content. If you have any friends who are into D&D or other RPGs, please share the links with them, too.

The Id DM: official announcement
& No Assembly Required #1

I thought it'd be fun to show a little behind-the-scenes on each monster, too, as I post them. So here's a look at the (1) thumbnail, (2) sketch, (3) inks, and then (4) final colors for Esau (who was very much inspired by the smoke monster of LOST).