October 3, 2011

No Assembly Required: Aurora Izel

The second "NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED" feature is now online -- Be sure to share the link with all of your gamer/RPG-lovin' friends. It's written by Michael Mallen, the man behind the popular gaming blog The Id DM. Each month Mike focuses on a new monster or villain, and I do the illustrations for each one.

Here's the link:
No Assembly Required: Aurora Izel

And I like to show a little behind-the-scenes for the artwork, too, so here's some of that for ya (click for larger version) --

(1) I started with a rough thumbnail doodle, then blew that up to pencil over (I can't find my pencil scan, so we move straight to:) (2) Inks, done with Faber-Castell artist brush pens. (3) Image is scanned into Photoshop and I create flat colors on a "Multiply" layer. And then (4) I add some shading and FX (play around with blurs, opacities, etc.)... And finally, at some point, I end up with the artwork you see at the top of this post. :)