January 5, 2012

"He is Dovahkiin... Dragonborn!"

I've been wanting to take a few hours to draw something fun for myself since the new year started. So I drew this tonight. Yeah, I know, more Skyrim. You're probably sick of hearing about Skyrim. Man, I just love the game. Got it on the brain!

This was what my character looked like when I started the game. This new drawing is closer to what he looks like now (gotta love those Doctor Doom/Death-Eater-lookin' dragon priest masks). It came out a little bit Mignola-ish. Didn't try to do that.

Just two quick things: (1) I'll be out of town this weekend and won't have much access to the internet. So if you email me and don't hear back right away, that's why. And (2) my first batch of 2012 sketchbooks finally arrived from the printer. So I'll be getting those mailed soon, probably this next week. Thanks, everyone!