June 15, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI Art Print: "Heroes of the Clone Wars"

The official Star Wars website has revealed the first 10 exclusive artist prints that will be available at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando this August, including mine -- Click the image above to see a bigger version, and click here to see the article on StarWars.com.

It will be an 18"x24" signed & numbered piece, limited to only 200 (yes, two-hundred - I'm doing a smaller print run than past shows). So if you're not planning on going to Celebration VI but you want one of these prints, you'd better find a friend who's going. I won't be able to sell any outside of the show, and even if I could, I won't have any extra copies. So don't miss out! They are going to be taking a limited number of pre-orders for prints this year, so as soon as I have more info on that, I'll share what I know. :)